Beating the summer heat with a homemade slush machine


I think everyone hates summer heat, so what’s better than a nice and cold slush to cool down a bit? 😀
To make a slush machine you need few things:

  • A freezer
  • A cylindric container with its lid
  • A stepper motor
  • Polymorph (to make the helix)
  • An Arduino or any other thing with which you can control the stepper motor

Slush machine1

After you have chosen the right container you can start molding the helix so that it can fit the container perfectly.

Slush machine2

The last thing you have to do is drill some holes into the lid to set the motor in place.
Slush machine3Program the Arduino with a code like this:

Before you can use it, you have to specify the helix speed (delay between motor steps in micros) and direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). Send through serial connection something like this:


Now plug everything together (in my case the motor is controlled with a ULN2003), pour your favorite juice in the container, close the lid, put the machine in the freezer and power everything up (your power supply MUST be outside the freezer). Don’t worry about the low temperature of your freezer, the Arduino can work even at -40°C!

Check the machine periodically. After few hours (in my case it took about 3-4 hours) your slush will be ready.


PS: If you want, you can try to use a Peltier cell instead of your freezer :)

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