More infos about Cyan

Hello folks!
Yesterday I metioned Cyan, but I didn’t tell you many details.
First of all, it won’t be free, but it will be available just for 0.79€.
The first version will have 2 modes: classic mode and panic mode.
In the classic mode you have to complete all the levels, one by one, without any limit of time.
In the panic mode you will have to complete ALL the levels, starting by the first one, but you will have only 5 lives to do that. Each level has maximum time to be completed, when the time runs out or when you restart a level(because you get stucked solving the level) you lose a life. When you lose all the 5 lives you will get a score based on the time you took to resolve all the levels.

In a future version we will add a level editor and the feature to share your levels with the whole world 😉

That’s it! Please be tuned to get any updates about Cyan and remember, it will be available really soon on Google Play™!

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